The Sower

I came down, into the fields of fear,
To sow my bitter darkness here:
Where the messenger of lust
Holds you down in grim check mate,
Where pain is everlasting dust
and pleasure is delusive fate…

I sow my words among the thorns,
like dark runes on the ancient stones.
What grows in them – grows out of me
And blossoms with verse – in your shadows.

What glances from behind my eyes,
You will not know it. Black sun dies.
But still in awe I do desire,
For you to crave like I demand:
So that avenger Poem-briar
Rises up from this lifeless earth.

Swelling out of the bloody breath
Like banner, like torch of death…!
And in his starr-jaws – me and you
We will find our way again – way home.

Translation by Greenlifenow

Text in polish


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