Aesthetic conception

It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God!

R.W. Chambers

Ghastly Welcome.

This diary, contains poetry of which I am the author, inspired by dream and my own artistic and spiritual ventures. It is a kind of experiment as my poetry has never before been made available to random people. So far my readers were a small and closed group.

Most of my poems are very symbolic and of mystical nature. The basic idea behind their creation is to reach, through poetry, to the essence of nightmare – beyond the limits of rational mind. It is similar to H. P. Lovecraft’s concept of Cosmic Horror, which first lay stones can be found in works of R. W. Chambers and A. Blackwood. What I am trying to do, is to realize this unique concept in poetry. My aim is to depict fear, pain and insanity as sensations of artistic and aesthethic character. The technique used to make it possible is mainly focused on contrasts and insinuations, sudden paroxysms and fragments of visions. The poem becomes a glimpse of a ghastly dream, saved in the recesses of daily consciousness and memory, a gate to our night side. Being full of mysticism at the same time it elevates the experience to sacrum. It can be said, that in whole, the concept drives me to create a poetry that encompasses, something that can hardly ever be found in words: the tempting sweetness of insanity, the red fever of lonely nights and suffering which leads to deliverance through learning about thy self.

To all of you who might get disturbed, let me calm your thoughts, I am not crazy, I am merely eccentric.

Obviously I wish to remind that all the pieces (of poetry I mean) are mine and are protected by copyrights. I do not allow copying them or publishing them anywhere without my knowledge and consent.

I wish you a thrilling reading…


Sigil of Scream



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